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Prices Explained

StarOne-OFF cost (click to view)
This is the preferred method of pricing flash and small standards like roses, hearts and lettering.
Pricing is estimated based on what it takes me to complete the piece; length of time, complexity of design, number of colors, etc.
Keep in mind that these prices are not set in stone and will fluctuate depending on other circumstances such as placement, resizing, adding and/or omitting elements from the design, etc.
Best guide for “one-off” pricing can be found above, area sizes.
StarHourly rate (click to view)
Most of my custom artwork will be charged on an hourly rate.
This is particularly when the piece is large, takes more than one sitting to accomplish such as portraits and fine art or is free-handed on the client.
What determines an hourly rate is the operating cost, the time consuming, and the quality my work.

Hourly rate: £70

StarDaily rate (click to view)
Daily rate I would say is a "best-buy" for work which takes days.
Once agreed to the work carried out I will let you know how long it will take.
The price will then be agreed either on hourly rate or daily rate (this will be entirely up to you).
Daily rate consists of 7 hours, this included 1-hour break.

Daily rate: £420
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